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Singani – Bolivia

Singani, produced from muscat grapes grown at an altitude of 5,250 feet.

Soju – Korea

It is said that an adult Korean consumes an average of 90 bottles a year of this drink, which is slightly sweeter than vodka.

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Cachaca – Brazil

Cachaca has more than 2,000 nicknames such as "heart opener", "holy water", "tiger breath".

Whiskey – Scotland

Unlike those produced in other countries, Scotch whiskey is kept in oak barrels for at least three years.

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Bourbon – USA

"American whiskey", declared as "America's national drink" in 1964, is produced from corn.

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Pisco – Peru

Obtained from pure distilled grapes, Pisco makes you drunk without realizing it, thanks to its easy drinking.

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Maotai or Moutai - China

​Maotai, which is an expensive and strong drink, is considered among the "sauce-scented" drinks because it leaves a light and soft smell of soy sauce.

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Tequila - Mexico

Known as a strong drink, tequila is made by distilling the plant called 'blue agave'.


Mojito - Cuban

A dish made with rum, sugar, lime, soda and mint.  Cocktail  The mojito is the most well-known rum-based drink in the world today.

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Guinness - Ireland

Guinness, a strong beer, is said to be beneficial for heart health. Accordingly, researchers detected antioxidant compounds in Guinness similar to those found in some fruits and vegetables. These compounds slow down the accumulation of harmful cholesterol on the walls of the arteries.

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Becherovka - Czech Republic

It is said that whoever takes a sip of Becherovka says, "It tastes like Christmas." The reason for this feeling is undoubtedly that Becherovka is made from a mixture of anise, cinnamon and all kinds of herbs.

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Schnapps - Austria

The word schnapps comes from the German word for 'swallow'. Actually, Schnapps is used in Austria for all kinds of alcoholic drinks, but it is especially known as a fruit flavored drink.

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Brennivin - Iceland

It is the Icelandic version of gin. Brennivin, also known as the "black death", contains an intense cumin flavor.

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 Waragi - Uganda

​It is known as a drink that is not felt in blends. Waragi, where 80 people died in 2010 due to high methanol levels, is mostly produced illegally.

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Raki - Turkey

​Raki, which is produced by distilling grapes twice and drunk straight or with some water, is likened to the French Pastis or the Greek Ouzo, since its basic ingredient is anise.

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Sangria - Spain

Sangria, which takes its name from 'sangre' meaning blood in Spanish due to its dark red color, is usually made by mixing sliced apples, oranges, lemons and red fruits with wine. While the fruits make the wine sweeter, they also give their unique aromas. Sometimes orange juice, sugar, honey or brandy are also added to make the Sangria sweeter.

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Chibuku - Zimbabwe

Chibuku, a homemade drink consisting of a mixture of water, sorghum herb and yeast, is known as a strong liquor.

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Ouzo - Greece

Ouzo tastes like raki, besides its clean and silky consistency, it has a deep licorice flavor.

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Sang som Rum - Thailand

 Sang Som Rum, a rum made by distilling sugar cane, is called "Drops you on your head"

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Gin - England

Gin, obtained from the distillation of juniper berries, is a drink that is loved and consumed around the world because it is compatible with many cocktails.

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 Fernet - Argentina

Known for its 'black licorice-like listerin' smell, Fernet has an aromatic and bitter taste. Fernet, known as an aperitif, is sometimes drunk with coffee or cola.

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Kilimanjaro Lager - Tanzania

​A golden and tangy local drink, Kilimanjaro Lager's bottles feature pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro, after which it is named.

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Rum - Jamaica

The color of the rum produced in the stills varies from light to dark. It is usually drunk mixed with something else.

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Vodka - Russia

​Vodka made from fermented grains or potatoes can be drunk straight or used in cocktails. Vodka accounts for 70 percent of the total alcohol consumed in Russia.

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Koskenkorva Viina - Finland

​Produced through a 200-step distillation process, this drink is diluted with a little sugar and soda. Also known as Kossu, Koskenkorva Viina is like Finland's vodka.

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Jenever - Belgium

Jenever, a strong juniper flavored liqueur, has two flavors, new and old. The new Jenever is similar to vodka with a light aroma of juniper and malt wine, while the old Jenever has a softer and more aromatic taste.

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Unicum - Hungary

The traditional version of Unicum, an aperitif aged in oak bark with 40 different herbs, is no longer sold. However, the sweeter-tasting version can be found under the name "zwack".

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Pastis - France

​Pastis, an anise-flavored aperitif, is known for its similarity to raki and ouzo.

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Akevitt - Norway

Akevitt, which is made from various spices and herbs along with potatoes, is also referred to as the "water of life". The most commonly used spices are anise, cardamom, cumin, dill and fennel. Akevitt's color can vary from light brown to dark brown depending on how long it has been kept in oak containers.

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Akvavit - Denmark

​The most well-known of this strong and dry liqueur with an intense cumin flavor is Alborg, named after a small town on Denmark's north coast.

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Seco Herrerano - Panama

Seco Herreran, which is obtained by triple distillation of sugar cane, can be drunk straight and is also used in place of rum or vodka in many cocktails.

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Vana Tallinn - Estonia

​With a slightly more sugary flavor than Jamaican rum, Vana Tallinn is a type of rum flavored with citrus oil, cinnamon and vanilla. It can be drunk straight, or when mixed with coffee, a taste similar to Irish coffee emerges.

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Tuica - Romania

​Tuica, produced from plum, can only be produced from the beginning of October to the beginning of December due to its extreme sensitivity to heat. It is then left to ferment for 6 or 8 weeks.

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Aguardiente - Colombia

Aguardiente, also known as "guaro", is an anise flavored drink. It is also found in Costa Rica.

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